drudgeons presents: boss▲battle - part of yewknee.com's summer mix series

Original photo by Leanne Surfleet


I almost feel like a hypocrite making a mix of music inspired by songs using old antiquated video game sound fonts; not having a gaming system anymore. But I don't care. It's summer and when I hear stuff like this, I'm always taken back to late night sessions in my friends' living rooms and basements, playing Rush n' Attack or Contra, tired from the day outside but glad to be in air conditioning away from the ravenous Wisconsin mosquitos.

I still like this stuff, even if it doesn't hold the same precedence in my life as it once did. I mostly just blog about it.

[ Download ]

  1. Adventure - Civilization
  2. 8-bit Operators - Bacalao (Blackbird)
  3. Anamanaguchi - Jetpack Blues
  4. Yea Big + Kid Static - Bots
  5. Mr. Spastic - Ichi Ni San Cuatro
  6. Max Justus - Bending Space and Time
  7. Nullsleep - On Target
  8. Dr. Zilog - Kids
  9. Crystal Castles - Pap Smear
  10. Mesu Kasumai - She Verbed Me With Sentences
  11. Talk To Animals - Skyfire Arcade
  12. Unicorn Kid - Phantom Unicorn
  13. Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish (Unicorn Kid Remix)
  14. Heartsrevolution - Switchblade
  15. Tugboat - Everybody's Feelin' Good!
  16. Paza - Reminder